myography ne demek, nedir?

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myography anlamı
1) kasılmaların kâğıda çizilmesi

"myography" için örnek kullanımlar

Phonomyography (PMG) (also known as acoustic myography, sound myography, vibromyography, and surface mechanomyogram is a technique to
Kaynak: Phonomyographymuscle when under contraction Such a device is commonly used in myography , the study of the velocity and intensity of muscular contraction
Kaynak: MyographElectrical impedance myography phase can be plotted as a function of frequency to demonstrate the differences in frequency dependence
Kaynak: Frequency dependencemyography : E01.370.530.255 | Electromyography electromyography. E01.370.550 | Neoplasm+Staging neoplasm staging : E01.370.600 | Physical+
Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (E01)resistance vessels (arterioles and small arteries with diameters varying between 30 µm and 300 µm) include the pressure myography technique.
Kaynak: Organ-on-a-chipRutkove's biomarker, using a method called electrical impedance myography (EIM), sensitively measures the flow of a small electrical
Kaynak: Prize4Life
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  • agamous:

    “agamous” için örnek kullanımlar

    Agamous Marriage: The majority of the tribes follow agamous marriage in which a man can marry any woman within and outside his clan All the
    Kaynak: Zomiagamous protein, arabidopsis : D12.776.930.397.374 | DEFICIENS+Protein deficiens protein : D12.776.930.397.750 | MCM1+Protein mcm1 protein
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (D12.776.930)mads domain proteins : agamous protein, arabidopsis D12.776.260.400.249.374 | DEFICIENS+Protein deficiens protein D12.776.260.400.249.875 |
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (D12.776.260)agamous protein, arabidopsis : D12.776.765.249 | DEFICIENS+Protein deficiens protein : D12.776.765.319 | Ferredoxins ferredoxins : D12.776.765.365
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (D12.776)the plant homeotic genes ‘agamous‘ and ‘deficiens’ and the human serum response factor SRF (MIM 600589), a family that also includes
    Kaynak: Myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2A

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  • impedance:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    impedance anlamı
    1) empedans
    2) iç direnç
    3) alternatif akım direnci

    “impedance” için örnek kullanımlar

    The speaker has 4 W of power and 40 ohms impedance.Hoparlör gücü 4 W ve 40 ohm empedans var.Kaynak: slashgear.comWith the use of only one hand, they correctly identifies resistors, capacitors and inductors and displays their values along with the secondary impedance components.Tek elle kullanımı ile, onlar doğru dirençler, kapasitörler ve indüktörler tanımlar ve sekonder empedansı bileşenleri ile birlikte kendi değerlerini görüntüler.Kaynak: digitaljournal.comIn the daily life portion of the study, participants wore a cardiac impedance monitor and responded to questions about their emotional state several times a day for two days.Çalışmanın günlük yaşam bölümünde, katılımcılar bir kardiyak empedans monitörü giydi ve duygusal durumu birkaç kez iki gün süreyle günde ilgili soruları yanıtladı.Kaynak: psychcentral.comThe LT8705 can be used in a wide range of applications such as a voltage stabilizer in telecom and automotive requirements, as well as in solar or high impedance sources and battery systems.LT8705 bu tür bir voltaj telekom ve otomotiv gereksinimleri stabilizatör, hem de güneş veya yüksek empedans kaynağı ve pil sistemlerde olduğu gibi çok geniş bir uygulama yelpazesinde kullanılabilir olabilir.Kaynak: electronicsfeed.comImpedance may refer to: Electrical impedance , the ratio of the voltage phasor to the electric current phasor, a measure of the opposition
    Kaynak: ImpedanceElectrical impedance is the measure of the opposition that a circuit presents to the passage of a current when a voltage is applied.
    Kaynak: Electrical impedanceIn electronics , impedance matching is the practice of designing the input impedance of an electrical load (or the output impedance of
    Kaynak: Impedance matchingThe characteristic impedance or surge impedance of a uniform transmission line , usually written Z 0, is the ratio of the amplitudes of
    Kaynak: Characteristic impedanceThe output impedance, source impedance, or internal impedance of an electronic device is the opposition exhibited by its output terminals
    Kaynak: Output impedanceThe input impedance of an electrical network is the equivalent impedance “seen” by a power source connected to that network.
    Kaynak: Input impedanceNominal impedance in electrical engineering and audio engineering refers to the approximate designed impedance of an electrical circuit
    Kaynak: Nominal impedanceThe wave impedance of an electromagnetic wave is the ratio of the transverse components of the electric and magnetic field s (the
    Kaynak: Wave impedanceImpedance parameters or Z-parameters (the elements of an impedance matrix or Z-matrix) are properties used in electrical engineering ,
    Kaynak: Impedance parametersThe impedance of free space, Z 0, is a physical constant relating the magnitudes of the electric and magnetic fields of electromagnetic
    Kaynak: Impedance of free spaceImpedance mismatch may refer to: Impedance matching , the electronics design practice of setting the input impedance of an electrical load
    Kaynak: Impedance mismatchMechanical impedance is a measure of how much a structure resists motion when subjected to a given force. It relates forces with
    Kaynak: Mechanical impedanceIn electronics, especially audio and sound recording , a high impedance bridging, voltage bridging, or simply bridging connection is one
    Kaynak: Impedance bridgingIn electronics , high impedance means that a point in a circuit (a node) allows a relatively small amount of current through.
    Kaynak: High impedanceImpedance phlebography, or impedance plethysmograph y (IPG), is a non-invasive medical test that measures small changes in electrical
    Kaynak: Impedance phlebography

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  • kinesthesis:

    “kinesthesis” için örnek kullanımlar

    sensation : kinesthesis G11.561.796.541.595 | Musculoskeletal+Equilibrium musculoskeletal equilibrium G11.561.796.643 | Smell smell
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (G11)Kinesthesis: Haptic media is closely related to kinesthesis and the fact that the human body processes haptic information as it moves
    Kaynak: Haptic mediapsychophysiology : kinesthesis F02.830.816.643 | Smell smell F02.830.816.724 | Taste taste F02.830.816.781 | Temperature+Sense temperature
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (F02)kinaesthetic awareness (kinesthesis ), emotion-instinct (governing the autonomic nervous system ) and an unconscious ‘quasi-body
    Kaynak: Yasuo Yuasadate June 2011 In kinesthesis , a person newly on land after spending long periods at sea may move with an unbidden rocking motion, having
    Kaynak: Tetris effectperforming arts, athletics, or yoga that provide a basis for posing, such as strength, flexibility, and a well-developed sense of kinesthesis .
    Kaynak: Model (art)His main interests were the sense of touch and kinesthesis. His most memorable contribution is the suggestion that judgments of sensory
    Kaynak: Experimental psychology

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  • aphonia:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    aphonia anlamı

    “aphonia” için örnek kullanımlar

    Aphonia is the inability to produce voice. It is considered more severe than dysphonia . A primary cause of aphonia is bilateral
    Kaynak: Aphoniabreathy, harsh, or rough, but some kind of phonation is still possible (contrasted with the more severe aphonia where phonation is impossible).
    Kaynak: Dysphoniavoice disorders : aphonia C08.360.940.490 | Hoarseness hoarseness. C08.381 | Lung+Diseases lung diseases : C08.381.069 | Atelectasis
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C08)he diagnosed with hysteria , and treated for about eleven weeks in 1900 Her most manifest hysterical symptom was aphonia , or loss of voice.
    Kaynak: Dora (case study)in thyroid surgery, if damaged control to the rima glottidis may be affected resulting in a hoarse voice, aphonia or difficulty breathing.
    Kaynak: Rima glottidisorgan dysfunction syndrome , in the Sirio-Libanês Hospital in São Paulo, where he had been since September, suffering from infectious aphonia
    Kaynak: Romeu Tumaas opposed to one who does not speak because he is physically or psychologically unable to do so (see aphonia and muteness , respectively).
    Kaynak: Mute of malicevoice disorders : aphonia C09.400.940.490 | Hoarseness hoarseness. C09.603 | Nose+Diseases nose diseases: C09.603.171 | Choanal+Atresia
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C09)Voice disorders range from aphonia (loss of phonation ) to dysphonia , which may be phonatory and/or resonance disorders. Phonatory
    Kaynak: Speech and language impairmentvoice disorders : aphonia C10.597.975.550 | Hoarseness hoarseness. C10.668 | Neuromuscular+Diseases neuromuscular diseases : C10.668.364 |
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C10)Bilateral nerve damage can result in breathing difficulties and aphonia , the inability to speak. The right recurrent laryngeal nerve is
    Kaynak: Recurrent laryngeal nerveSymptoms:aphonia,dysponia,hemoptysis,hyperventilation,clubbing,cyanosis,pleurodynia.! Allergy:! URI! Influenza | Itchy, watery eyes |
    Kaynak: Upper respiratory tract infection

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  • nanism:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    nanism anlamı
    1) cücelik

    “nanism” için örnek kullanımlar

    Mulibrey nanism (“MU scle- LI ver- BR ain- EY e nanism“), also called Perheentupa syndrome and pericardial constriction with growth
    Kaynak: Mulibrey nanismSee also : Mulibrey nanism References Further reading: 2 citations. author Nagase T, Ishikawa K, Suyama M, et al. | title Prediction of the
    Kaynak: TRIM37bone diseases, developmental : mulibrey nanism C05.116.099.343.914 | Thanatophoric+Dysplasia thanatophoric dysplasia C05.116.099.370 |
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C05)This constellation is characteristic of Mulibrey nanism , but has also been described in Russell-Silver syndrome and Turner syndrome
    Kaynak: Triangular facedwarfism : mulibrey nanism. C16.320.290 | Eye+Diseases,+Hereditary eye diseases, hereditary : C16.320.290.040 | Albinism albinism albinism,
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C16)title Gene encoding a new RING-B-box-Coiled-coil protein is mutated in mulibrey nanism | journal Nat. Genet. | volume 25 | issue 3 |
    Kaynak: RAD51Cauthor Bangstad HJ | title Primordial birdheaded nanism associated with progressive ataxia, early onset insulin resistant diabetes, goiter
    Kaynak: Bangstad syndromewhere Tobby, the interviewer (a cynical and sarcastic person with nanism, how use the jimmy five clothes, mickey ears and have a “Zacarias
    Kaynak: rare causes of dwarfism are included in the Finnish heritage: cartilage-hair hypoplasia , diastrophic dysplasia and Mulibrey nanism .
    Kaynak: Finnish heritage diseaseMul Muli–Mull : Mulibrey nanism Müller–Barth–Menger syndrome Müllerian agenesis Müllerian aplasia Müllerian derivatives lymphangiectasia
    Kaynak: List of diseases (M)Mulibrey nanism. 253250 TRIM37 Mullerian aplasia and hyperandrogenism. 158330 WNT4 Multiple cutaneous and uterine leiomyomata. 150800
    Kaynak: List of OMIM disorder codes

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  • preconception:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    preconception anlamı
    1) önyargı
    2) peşin hüküm

    “preconception” için örnek kullanımlar

    I felt a bit nervous asking, because of that preconception you mentioned.Bahsettiğiniz bu önyargıdan dolayı ben, soran biraz gergin hissettim.Kaynak: comicbookresources.comBut it seemed unfair to stand by that preconception without giving it a try.Ama bunu bir deneyin vermeden bu önyargıdan stand by haksız gibiydi.Kaynak: nj.comIn her work and in interviews she slices through prejudice and preconception.Onun çalışma içinde ve önyargı ve önyargı ile o dilimler görüşmeler.Kaynak: artlyst.comWe avoid preconception, to a degree, as well.Biz de, bir dereceye kadar, önyargıdan kaçınmak.Kaynak: stereogum.comThe main aspects of Maternal Health are Prenatal care , post-natal care , family planning and preconception. Prenatal Care in Rwanda
    Kaynak: Maternal health in RwandaIt encompasses the health care dimensions of family planning , preconception , prenatal , and postnatal care care in order to reduce
    Kaynak: Maternal healthpreconception injuries : C21.223 | Environmental+Illness environmental illness : C21.223.500 | Multiple+Chemical+Sensitivity multiple chemical
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C21)health services : preconception care N02.421.143.620.704 | Prenatal+Care prenatal care N02.421.143.740 | Occupational+Health+Services
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (N02)

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  • hermaphroditism:

    “hermaphroditism” için örnek kullanımlar

    Sequential hermaphroditism (called dichogamy in botany ) is a type of hermaphroditism that occurs in many fish , gastropod s and plants.
    Kaynak: Sequential hermaphroditismTrue hermaphroditism is a medical term for an intersex condition in which an individual is born with ovarian and testicular tissue.
    Kaynak: True hermaphroditismAndrogen-induced hermaphroditism is a syndrome resulting from a hermaphroditic birth defect of the genital organs. They are induced in
    Kaynak: Androgen-induced hermaphroditismIntersex, in human s (not to be confused with hermaphroditism , which since the 20th century has only date March 2013 referred to animals
    Kaynak: IntersexAlthough similar in some ways to true hermaphroditism , the conditions can be distinguished histologically. See also : Gonadal dysgenesis
    Kaynak: Mixed gonadal dysgenesisurogenital abnormalities : hermaphroditism, true C12.740.700.842.316.627 | Pseudohermaphroditism pseudohermaphroditism androgen-
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C12)urogenital diseases : hermaphroditism, true C13.371.820.700.842.316.627 | Pseudohermaphroditism pseudohermaphroditism androgen-
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C13)Plants infected by the fungus undergo a phenomenon known as “parasitically induced hermaphroditism“, whereby ovary development is induced
    Kaynak: Salmacisia”pseudohermaphroditism” with a sub-class of hermaphroditism from St. Hilaire’s taxonomy in a publication dated 1834, and by the 1840s “
    Kaynak: Androgen insensitivity syndromeEnvironmental stresses sometimes create pollen bearing male flowers on female plants—known as hermaphroditism or ‘hermying’.
    Kaynak: Cannabis cultivation46XX true true hermaphroditism. 400045 SRY 46XY complete gonadal dysgenesis. 233420 DHH 46XY complete gonadal dysgenesis. 400044 SRY 46XY gonadal
    Kaynak: List of OMIM disorder codesGonochorism stands in contrast to other reproductive strategies such as hermaphroditism . this sequential hermaphroditism can for
    Kaynak: Gonochorism

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  • hyperesthesia:

    “hyperesthesia” için örnek kullanımlar

    Feline hyperesthesia syndrome, also known as rolling skin disease, is a rare illness in domestic cat s that causes episodes of agitation,
    Kaynak: Feline hyperesthesia syndromeNeuropathia mucinosa cutanea is a cutaneous condition characterized by livedo reticularis on the legs and hyperesthesia See also
    Kaynak: Neuropathia mucinosa cutaneadue to some form of disability or a condition that is associated with pain or increased sensitivity to touch (hyperesthesia ) or immobility
    Kaynak: Dermatosis neglectaIt is occasionally accompanied by pain , paresthesia (pins and needles), and/or hyperesthesia (unusual or pathological ly increased
    Kaynak: Notalgia parestheticacondition that causes severe burning and aching of the feet, hyperesthesia , and vasomotor changes of the feet that leads to excessive sweating .
    Kaynak: Burning feet syndromePreviously hyperalgesia was implied, since hyperesthesia was mentioned in the previous note and hyperalgesia is a special case of
    Kaynak: HyperpathiaIt is also used to treat feline hyperesthesia syndrome in cats when antiobsessional therapies prove ineffective. It may also be used to treat
    Kaynak: Phenobarbitalneurologic manifestations : hyperesthesia C23.888.592.763.770.500 | Hypesthesia hypesthesia C23.888.592.763.770.875 | Paresthesia
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C23)alcoholic polyneuropathy were recorded by John C. Lettsome in 1787 when he noted hyperesthesia and paralysis in legs more than arms of patients.
    Kaynak: Alcoholic polyneuropathyAltered sensation, paresthesia (tingling or numbness), hyperesthesia (increased sensitivity) Confusion or memory loss (amnesia )
    Kaynak: List of signs and symptoms of diving disorderssensation disorders : hyperesthesia C10.597.751.791.500 | Hypesthesia hypesthesia C10.597.751.791.875 | Paresthesia paresthesia
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (C10)s, hyperexcitability , fits, extreme sensitivity to being touched (hyperesthesia ) and seizure s that appear to be caused by light or noise.
    Kaynak: Bromethalinof paresthesia , pain , and throbbing . Physical examination may be normal, but hypoesthesia , hyperesthesia , and allodynia may be found.
    Kaynak: Atypical facial painDieulafoy’s triad: hyperesthesia of the skin, exquisite tenderness and guarding over McBurney’s point , considered a classic sign of
    Kaynak: Paul Georges DieulafoyDieulafoy’s triad | hyperesthesia of the skin, exquisite tenderness and guarding over McBurney’s point | Acute appendicitis |
    Kaynak: List of medical triads and pentads

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  • pharmaceutic:

    “pharmaceutic” için örnek kullanımlar

    José Ingenieros (April 24, 1877 October 31, 1925) was an Argentine physician, pharmaceutic, positivist philosopher and essayist.
    Kaynak: José Ingenierospharmaceutic aids : D26.650.064 | Adjuvants,+Pharmaceutic adjuvants, pharmaceutic D26.650.523 | Ointment+Bases ointment bases D26.650.771 |
    Kaynak: List of MeSH codes (D15)

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  • distend:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    distend anlamı
    1) gerilmek
    2) şişmek
    3) şişirmek
    4) germek

    “distend” için örnek kullanımlar

    In breeding season, the male is able to distend its striking red gular sac. The species feeds on fish taken in flight from the ocean’s
    Kaynak: Great FrigatebirdEven though this pressure pulse is somewhat damped by the time it reaches the skin, it is enough to distend the arteries and arterioles in
    Kaynak: Photoplethysmogram

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