ingoing ne demek, nedir?

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İngilizce - Türkçe

ingoing anlamı
1) hava parası
2) yeni gelenin demirbaşlar için ödediği para
1) içeriye giren
2) yeni

"ingoing" için örnek kullanımlar

In Minkowski spacetime , the nonholonomically construccted null vectors l^a,n^a respectively match the outgoing and ingoing null radial
Kaynak: Construction of a complex null tetraddevelopment of the North West region acting as a supply depot for ingoing and outgoing goods Coral Bay was formally settled much later in
Kaynak: Coral Bay, Western AustraliaIt is a measure of the bending of ingoing and outgoing rays of light that are orthogonal to a 2- sphere surrounding the region of space
Kaynak: Hawking energyIt can be derived from the Hawking energy , itself a measure of the bending of ingoing and outgoing rays of light that are orthogonal to
Kaynak: Geroch energyProcesses are stream processors, functions that transform an ingoing to an outgoing stream. Process scheduling is based on evaluation on
Kaynak: Kent Applicative Operating Systemspacelike hypersurfaces ∆'S 2 transverse to its null normal along an ingoing null coordinate v, where we follow the standard notation of
Kaynak: Non-expanding horizonAs shown in the article "Expansion rate of a null congruence ", the outgoing and ingoing expansion rates, denoted by heta_(ell) and
Kaynak: Optical scalarsIn average the PageRank probability P_i is proportional to the number of ingoing links with P_i propto 1/ K_i^eta 4,5,6. for ingoing
Kaynak: CheiRankthe USA, as the systems used to track ingoing and outgoing visitors may show that the holder has overstayed, although this may be rectified
Kaynak: Form I-942012, "Track Queens Battle Royal Stockholm came at third place out of ten bouting teams, defending their ingoing ranking for the tournament.
Kaynak: Stockholm Roller DerbyWhereas stars rarely collide because of their small size compared to space between them, when outgoing gas from one arm meets ingoing gas
Kaynak: Gravitationally aligned orbitsPsi_1 & Psi_3 are ingoing and outgoing "longitudinal" radiation terms;: Psi_0 & Psi_4 are ingoing and outgoing "transverse" radiation
Kaynak: Weyl scalarThe ingoing of this loophole is defended internally with a stone pillar, so placed as to permit those inside to see out, and at the same
Kaynak: Towie Barclay Castledirectly beneath the track, providing (almost) level access to the platform for the ingoing track from the bus terminal north of the station.
Kaynak: Rødovre stationThe ingoing Eddington–Finkelstein coordinates are obtained by replacing the coordinate t with the new coordinate v t+r^*. The metric in
Kaynak: Eddington–Finkelstein coordinatesWeights must satisfy the following switch condition: The weight assigned to the ingoing branch at a switch should equal the sum of the
Kaynak: Train trackThe ventilation-system mostly consists of two tubes for ingoing and outgoing air. Criticism: Individual cages, with no environmental
Kaynak: Individually Ventilated Cages
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ingoing ile en alakalı sözcükler ve anlamı

  • ortogonal açılım:

    BSTS / Matematik Terimleri Sözlüğü

    ortogonal açılım anlamı İng. orthogonal expansion Alm. Orthogonalentwicklung Fr.développement orthogonal Az. ortoqonal açılış

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  • switch:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    switch anlamı
    1) değiştirmek
    2) dönmek
    3) değişmek
    4) sallamak
    5) vurmak
    6) yer değiştirmek
    7) makas değiştirmek
    1) değiştirme
    2) şalter
    3) değişim
    4) düğme
    5) elektrik düğmesi
    6) değişme
    7) çubuk
    8) sopa
    9) ince dal
    10) takma saç örgüsü
    11) makas
    12) dönüştürme
    13) dönüşme

    “switch” için örnek kullanımlar

    On Thursday, Fairfield Prep decided to switch the rotation on the relay.Perşembe günü, Fairfield Hazırlık rölesi rotasyon geçmek için karar verdi.Kaynak: nhregister.comThe switch is an extension of the principles that guide Wisconsin’s program.Değiştirici rehberi Wisconsin programının bu ilkelerin bir uzantısıdır.Kaynak: espn.go.comIf you told me you could switch teams here today, I wouldn’t do it.Eğer bugün burada ekipleri geçiş olabilir söyleseydin, bunu yapmazdım.Kaynak: berkshireeagle.comYou can’t come in here and turn it on and off like a light switch.Buraya gelip bir ışık anahtarı gibi açıp kapatamazsınız.Kaynak: indystar.comIn electrical engineering , a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit , interrupting the current or
    Kaynak: SwitchA switch is an electrical component which can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to
    Kaynak: Switch (disambiguation)A railroad switch, turnout or set of points is a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another,
    Kaynak: Railroad switchA network switch is a computer networking device that links network segment s or network device s. The term commonly refers to a multi-
    Kaynak: Network switchA telephone exchange or telephone switch is a telecommunications system used in large enterprises or in the public switched telephone
    Kaynak: Telephone exchangeA switcher or shunter (Great Britain : shunter; Australia : shunter or yard pilot; USA : switcher or switch engine, except Pennsylvania
    Kaynak: SwitcherIn programming , a switch, case, select or inspect statement is a type of selection control mechanism that exists in most imperative
    Kaynak: Switch statementA context switch is the computing process of storing and restoring the state (context ) of a Process so that execution can be resumed
    Kaynak: Context switchIn building wiring , a light switch is a switch , most commonly used to operate electric light s, permanently connected equipment, or
    Kaynak: Light switch

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  • curvilinear:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    curvilinear anlamı
    1) eğrilerden oluşan
    2) eğri halinde

    “curvilinear” için örnek kullanımlar

    The polynomial is needed to capture the curvilinear nature of the data.Polinom veri kavisli doğası yakalamak için gereklidir.Kaynak: smartdatacollective.comThe building has a curvilinear geometry and a glass façade.Bina eğrisel bir geometri ve bir cam ön cepheye sahiptir.Kaynak: worldinteriordesignnetwork.comwhile the sweeping curvilinear facade looms large.süpürme eğrisel cephe büyük tezgâh ise.Kaynak: irishtimes.comNew York’s big silhouette for fall 2013 has a softly voluminous shoulder and a curvilinear back.Sonbahar 2013 için New York'un büyük bir silueti usulca hacimli omuz ve eğrisel bir arka sahiptir.Kaynak: stream.marketwatch.comIn geometry , curvilinear coordinates are a coordinate system for Euclidean space in which the coordinate lines may be curved.
    Kaynak: Curvilinear coordinatesA curvilinear grid or structured grid is a grid with the same combinatorial structure as a regular grid, in which the cells are
    Kaynak: Regular gridPecked curvilinear nucleated, (PCN in archaeology , is a form of prehistoric rock carving . The term was originally proposed by Teresa
    Kaynak: Pecked curvilinear nucleatedFictitious forces in curvilinear coordinates: Curvilinear coordinate system | Covariant derivative File:General curvilinear coordinates 1.svg
    Kaynak: Mechanics of planar particle motionThis is a list of some vector calculus formulae of general use in working with various curvilinear coordinate system s. Note
    Kaynak: Del in cylindrical and spherical coordinatesOrthogonal coordinates are a special but extremely common case of curvilinear coordinates . Motivation : Image:Conformal map. svg | A conformal
    Kaynak: Orthogonal coordinatesThe Naulakha Pavilion is a prominent white marble personal chamber with curvilinear roof , located besides the Sheesh Mahal courtyard ,
    Kaynak: Naulakha PavilionIn anatomy , an arcuate line is any structure that is curvilinear. Arcuate line (anterior abdominal wall) Arcuate line (ilium)
    Kaynak: Arcuate lineSpecial notation of metric tensor components in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates, see Curvilinear coordinates#Lamé coefficients –
    Kaynak: Lamé coefficientsIn mathematics , a horn angle, also called a cornicular angle, is a type of curvilinear angle defined as the angle formed between a circle
    Kaynak: Horn angleCurvilinear coordinates: Curvilinear coordinates. are the contravariant basis vector s in a curvilinear coordinate system, with coordinates of
    Kaynak: Tensor derivative (continuum mechanics)

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  • orthogonal:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    orthogonal anlamı
    1) ortogonal
    2) dikey
    3) dikgen

    “orthogonal” için örnek kullanımlar

    Better yet, the RNAP was orthogonal; that is, it didn’t fraternize with the E. coli’s native protein pathways.Daha da iyisi, RNAP ortogonal oldu; yani, E. coli adlı yerli protein yolları arkadaşlık yoktu.Kaynak: sciencedaily.comSo rather than designing a network around orthogonal signals, we take into account the fact that there will be interference.Bu yüzden oldukça dik sinyalleri etrafında bir ağ tasarımı yerine, hesaba müdahale olacağı gerçeğini almak.Kaynak: eandt.theiet.orgAnd that brings up another question about those bacterial targets, the ones that are so orthogonal to human cellular pathways.Ve bu bakteri hedefleri, insan hücresel yollar çok dik olanları hakkında başka bir soruyu getiriyor.Kaynak: thedailybeast.comThe structural framework for each tower is a central vertical boulevard, orthogonal in shape and optimized for composting and circulation.Her kule için yapısal bir çerçeve şeklinde ortogonal ve kompostlama ve dolaşım için optimize edilmiş merkezi bir dikey bulvar vardır.Kaynak: mnn.comIn linear algebra , an orthogonal matrix is a square matrix with real entries whose columns and rows are orthogonal unit vector s (i.e.,
    Kaynak: Orthogonal matrixIn mathematics , the orthogonal group of a symmetric bilinear form or quadratic form on a vector space is the group of invertible linear
    Kaynak: Orthogonal groupIn mathematics , an orthogonal polynomial sequence is a family of polynomial s such that any two different polynomials in the sequence are
    Kaynak: Orthogonal polynomialsIn mathematics , orthogonal coordinates are defined as a set of d coordinates q (q 1, q 2, …, q d) in which the coordinate surfaces
    Kaynak: Orthogonal coordinatesIn linear algebra , two vectors in an inner product space are orthonormal if they are orthogonal and unit vector s. mutually orthogonal
    Kaynak: OrthonormalityIn mathematics , two functions f and g are called orthogonal if their inner product langle f,g
    angle is zero for f ≠ g. How the inner
    Kaynak: Orthogonal functionsIn mathematics , particularly linear algebra , an orthogonal basis for an inner product space V is a basis for V whose vectors are
    Kaynak: Orthogonal basisIn linear algebra , an orthogonal transformation is a linear transformation T : V → V on a real inner product space V, that preserves the
    Kaynak: Orthogonal transformationIn computer engineering , an orthogonal instruction set is an instruction set architecture where all instruction types can use all
    Kaynak: Orthogonal instruction setIn mathematics, in the area of combinatorial design s, an orthogonal array is a “table” (array) whose entries come from a fixed finite set
    Kaynak: Orthogonal arrayIn mathematics , the indefinite orthogonal group, O(p,q) is the Lie group of all linear transformation s of a n p + q dimensional real
    Kaynak: Indefinite orthogonal groupIn projective geometry and linear algebra , the projective orthogonal group PO is the induced action of the orthogonal group of a
    Kaynak: Projective orthogonal groupIn plane geometry , two lines are hyperbolic orthogonal when they are reflections of each other over the asymptote of a given hyperbola .
    Kaynak: Hyperbolic orthogonality

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  • ortogonal polinomsal açılım:

    BSTS / Matematik Terimleri Sözlüğü

    ortogonal polinomsal açılım anlamı İng. orthogonal polynomial expansion Alm. Orthogonalpolynomentwicklung Fr. développement suivant les polynomes orthogonaux Az. ortoqonal polinomlara göre ayrılış

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  • alef sıfır:

    BSTS / Matematik Terimleri Sözlüğü

    alef sıfır anlamı İng. aleph-null, aleph zero Alm. Aleph Null, Alef-Null Fr. aleph-null, aleph zéro
    En küçük sonluötesi sayal sayı gösteren im. Simgesi : (…)

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  • singularity:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    singularity anlamı
    1) eşsizlik
    2) tuhaflık
    3) gariplik
    4) tek olma
    5) görülmemişlik
    6) acayiplik
    7) özellik

    “singularity” için örnek kullanımlar

    There is a purity to this type of fighter, simplicity by way of singularity.Eşsizlik yoluyla avcı, basitlik bu tür bir saflık vardır.Kaynak: queensberry-rules.comRoland Joffe yet again came to India to shoot his next venture ‘Singularity‘.Roland Joffe yine onun sonraki girişim 'tekillik' ateş için Hindistan'a geldi.Kaynak: cats from UNFD have once and for all revealed the mystery of Singularity.UNFD gelen kediler kez var ve herkes için Singularity gizemi ortaya çıkıyor.Kaynak: singularity makes them unworkably slow, a clot in the flow of networked information.Onların tekillik ağ bilgi akışını bir pıhtı, onları unworkably yavaş yapar.Kaynak: brooklynrail.orgSingularity or Singular points may refer to: Literary studies : Temporal singularity, a concept in speculative fiction , usually an item or
    Kaynak: SingularityA gravitational singularity or spacetime singularity is a location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field
    Kaynak: Gravitational singularityThe technological singularity is the theoretical emergence of superintelligence through technological means Since the capabilities of such
    Kaynak: Technological singularityIn mathematics , a singularity is in general a point at which a given mathematical object is not defined, or a point of an exceptional set
    Kaynak: Mathematical singularityIn general relativity , a naked singularity is a gravitational singularity without an event horizon . In a black hole , the singularity
    Kaynak: Naked singularityIn 1924, Arthur Eddington showed that the singularity disappeared after a change of coordinates (see Eddington–Finkelstein coordinates
    Kaynak: Black holeSingularitarianism is a technocentric ideology and social movement defined by the belief that a technological singularity —the creation
    Kaynak: SingularitarianismIn engineering , a mechanical singularity is a position or configuration of a mechanism or a machine where the subsequent behaviour
    Kaynak: Mechanical singularityA singularity is a weather phenomenon likely to occur with reasonable regularity around a specific approximate calendar date. The concept
    Kaynak: Singularity (climate)

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  • night-light:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    night-light anlamı
    1) gece açık bırakılan hafif ışık

    “night-light” için örnek kullanımlar

    It was a compact telephone designed for convenient use in the bedroom, and contained a light-up dial for use as a night-light.
    Kaynak: Princess telephoneonly two terminal screws, while a night-light socket (which does not have a 3-contact socket at the top) has three terminal screws on the base.
    Kaynak: 3-way lampdeceiving since there are in fact 16 possible combinations (without the night-light), including combinations with all lamps of either switch off.
    Kaynak: Mogul lampHe sets up a night-light which attracts hundreds of moths, and he suspects many are not known to science. As the helicopter arrives to
    Kaynak: Lost Land of the Volcanoof the so-called US military surge in Baghdad using night-light satellite information (“Baghdad Nights”, Environment and Planning A (2008).
    Kaynak: John A. AgnewIn Japan, the mushroom is known as yakoh-take, or “night-light mushroom”. In the Bonin Islands it is called “Green Pepe”. Description
    Kaynak: Mycena chlorophosTimmy’s night-light features Goofy in a pose from the poster for the theatrical short How to Hook Up Your Home Theater . Lastly, some of
    Kaynak: Prep & Landing

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  • coral:

    İngilizce – Türkçe

    coral anlamı
    1) mercan
    2) döllenmiş ıstakoz yumurtası
    1) mercan
    2) mercan kırmızısı

    “coral” için örnek kullanımlar

    A critical knowledge gap has long existed in the record of coral evolution.Kritik bir bilgi boşluğu uzun mercan evrim rekor yaşanmıştır.Kaynak: phys.orgONE of the greatest resources that Pacific islanders have is the coral reef.Pasifik Adalılar sahip olduğu en büyük kaynakların ONE mercan kayalığı.Kaynak: mvariety.comA quick flick through any coral reef fish guide will leave you bewildered and awed.Herhangi bir mercan resif balık kılavuzu yoluyla hızlı bir fiske size şaşkın ve hayran bırakacaktır.Kaynak: coral trend is so hot that celebs have already started pulling it out of their pocket.Bu mercan eğilim ünlüler zaten kendi cebinden dışarı doğru çekerek başladı o kadar sıcak.Kaynak: hollywoodlife.comCoral reefs are underwater structures made from calcium carbonate secreted by coral s. Coral reefs are colonies of tiny living animals
    Kaynak: Coral reefThe coral snakes are a large group of elapid snakes that can be subdivided into two distinct groups, Old World coral snakes and New
    Kaynak: Coral snakePrecious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium rubrum and several related species of marine coral . precious corals is
    Kaynak: Precious coralScleractinia, also called stony coral s, are exclusively marine animals; they are very similar to sea anemone s but generate a hard
    Kaynak: ScleractiniaThe various tones of the color coral are representations of the colors of those cnidarian s known as coral s. Corals: title Coral | hex
    Kaynak: Coral (color)A coral island is a type of island formed from coral detritus and associated organic material They occur in tropical and sub-tropical
    Kaynak: Coral islandCoral rag is a rubbly limestone composed of ancient coral reef material. The term also refers to the building blocks quarried from these
    Kaynak: Coral ragParticularly in horticulture , the name coral tree is used as a collective term for these plants. “Flame tree s” is another vernacular name
    Kaynak: Erythrina

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  • etkisiz alel:

    BSTS / Biyoloji Terimleri Sözlüğü

    etkisiz alel anlamı İng. null allele Lat.nullus: hiçbiri Alm. null allel Fr. null allelé allelon: bir diğeri
    Fonksiyonel bir ürünü olmayan ve bu nedenle genellikle çekinik gibi davranan alel. Nul alel.

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